Tony's board repair - May-Jun 2004

These are photos of the original damage and the old repair cut away - 31/5/04. Click each thumbnail for enlarged view.

Mon 31/5/04
This was the worst damage - on the port side of the nose. Lots of water leaking out of here! This was an old repair on the starboard side where the filler was cracked. Digging out revealed poor adhesion between filler & orignal material. Note the glob of blood on the nose! Port nose underside with the original filler removed. Again, filler had not adhered properly to the revealed foam. Significant cavity & delamination here! Nose-on view
Sun 6/6/04    
Whilst about to begin filling-in, I noticed this crack on the port rail. Digging it out revealed only surface damage - just the skin was cracked, oddly enough.    
Sun 13/6/04      
2nd refill job on the nose - port side. Previous laminate had left air holes underneath due to air/gas being forced out of the foam core whilst the resin was curing. All had to be dug out & redone!      
Tue 15/6/04  
Two new cracks discovered - at a rather late stage!! Unfortunately, these had gone right through to the foam core, so another excavation job needed!