2020-09-17, Thursday. Off again, but not very far!

Now that the girls are both back at school again, it’s time for us to say our farewells.

In all the time we lived in Germany, and all our subsequent visits, we’ve never been up the Neckartal. We probably always considered it to be too close.

Like the Mosel, it’s all wine producing area, but unlike the Mosel, it’s almost all in Baden-Wurttemberg. I.e. Schwabenland.

We intended to begin our endeavours with a 1hr drive up to Bietigheim-Bessingen: an ancient town that isn’t actually on the Neckar. Not quite. It’s on the confluence of the Enz and Metter rivers, the latter being little more than a small stream, really.

The Stellplatz here is on a car park, with space set aside for up to 7 motorhomes of vast proportions. Just €5 for 24 hrs.

I took a walk up the hill to the old town, and very pretty it is, too. Lots of ancient timber-framed buildings, central Marktplatz, and Hauptstraße running the length of the town. Lots of interesting cafes and Gasthäuser to tempt us.

In the late afternoon, we both walked up into the town to find a place for a meal. And very good it was too.

Joy had forgotten to bring her favourite earl grey redbush tea from home, so when I spied an old-fashioned tea shop I felt it was worth a try. Bingo! There it was. Should keep her going till we get back home!

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