2020-09-21 (Mon). Ockenheim & Zell am Mosel.

The bells didn’t stop overnight. They chimed on every quarter, plus a full-blown count of the hour on each and every hour. With a prolonged, 10 minute long clanging call-to-prayer (presumably) at 07:00. I woke at 03:45 and never got back to sleep again. The sleeplessness was further aided by aircraft coming in to land directly overhead from 05:00 onwards. It turns out we’re right under the flight path for Frankfurt airport. Yawn.

Zell, on the Mosel is our next stop, it taking just over an hour to get there, driving across the Hunsrück. That was the theory. Roadworks again prolonged the journey, so it took us a good two hours.

Fortunately, we grabbed the last place available on the Stellplatz, sandwiched between an old Hymer A class on one side, and an enormous US imported vehicle with slide-out sides on the other side. No shade again. A pity, because it’s another baking hot day.

We took a walk over the bridge into Zell Zentrum. Fairly pretty, but very touristy. Every second shop is a wine producer.

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