Usability stuff & brief how to’s…

Note: I’m NOT an expert on the blog software. Everything I say or do related to this blog may or may not be correct!

The main blog is what you should see when you arrive on this site. It is comprised of a series of posts, ordered with the latest post at the top of the page, with older posts appearing chronologically below.

Each post can be opened individually by clicking on the title of the post. This will show you the author of the post & provide a means for you to add comments to the post. Please be gentle!

Once you’ve opened one of the additional pages (this one and the “About” page), you can get back to the main blog page by clicking the “Martin & Joy’s Blog” link at the top, left hand side of the page.

If you find anything else noteworthy that others may benefit from from, feel free to add them as comments to this post.

You can now (as from 20th July, 2014) “subscribe” to comments. this gives you the opportunity to request an email whenever your comment receives a reply.  When you add a comment now, you’ll see a selection box at the bottom of the comment text box allowing you to receive an email:

  • Whenever someone replies to one of your comments, or
  • Whenever a new comment is posted.



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